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At Comprehensive Foot Specialists, our expert podiatrists are skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. We work with patients of all ages to help them live with optimal comfort and mobility by using specialized techniques to address foot concerns before they worsen. Dr. Boccio provides personalized treatment to each patient she works with, to ensure the best possible outcome. To learn more about the services we offer and to make your appointment at our office in Huntington, NY, please contact us today.

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We accept most insurance plans. We also accept payment from most PPO and indemnity plans. Please call us to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Regular foot care is extremely important for those with diabetes. Since injuries can happen and then worsen without you realizing it, you should be doing self-checks of your feet every day. This will allow you to identify any potential issues early on and get prompt medical care. Along with self-checks, you should schedule a full check of your feet and lower limbs with Comprehensive Foot Specialists at least once a year. Those with severe diabetic foot complications may need to be seen by our specialists more often, but since quality foot care is one of the most crucial aspects of diabetes care, these checks should be prioritized.
Those with diabetes are at a higher risk for foot complications, which makes proper foot care extremely important. Due to lack of sensation in the feet from nerve damage and poor circulation, a small injury (like a scratch or blister) can go unnoticed and quickly worsen. Poor blood flow in this area also makes healing more difficult, which can cause the wound to become infected before you even realize it is there. Untreated infections can even lead to major complications, for which amputation may be necessary. Daily checks of the feet are crucial for those with diabetes. You should be looking for any signs of injury or other issues, such as red or dry patches, cuts or scrapes, temperature changes, corns, or calluses. Anything unusual should be reported to your doctor at Comprehensive Foot Specialists right away. You should also prioritize scheduling regular visits with your doctor to ensure the long term health of your feet.
Foot surgery is not painful, due to the precautions that are taken before and during surgery. A majority of podiatric cases are performed under Monitored Anesthetic Case, or MAC anesthesia. This is a type of anesthesia where the patient is typically still aware, but very relaxed and oftentimes does not recall any of the events leading up to the surgery, and/or the surgery itself. Any procedure that requires an incision will utilize some type of anesthetic, whether that anesthetic is localized to the area being treated or is focused on the entire body. Pain associated with foot surgery is usually present after the surgery itself. Swelling and inflammation are common after many types of surgery, including foot surgery. The amount of pain you experience depends upon your personal pain tolerance, as well as the complexity and scale of the procedure that was performed. Minor procedures tend to cause less pain during the recovery period. At Comprehensive Foot Specialists, our doctors are knowledgeable in pain management, and we will provide you with a detailed post-operative recovery plan and instructions so discomfort can be minimized while you heal.
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About Comprehensive Foot Specialists
Located at 775 Park Avenue in Huntington, NY, Comprehensive Foot Specialists proudly provides foot and ankle care to those in the Long Island area. We work with patients of all ages, from those seeking podiatric foot care to athletes facing foot injuries, and more. We utilize state-of-the-art treatment methods to ensure that each patient’s care is thorough and customized to their situation.
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